Tuesday, November 25, 2014

"Shifting My Perspective" Has A New Home

     I'm thrilled to announce that I am moving my blog "Shifting My Perspective" over to WordPress, another blogging host site!!  Through them, I was able to purchase the address of:  www.shiftingmyperspective.com.

     My hope is that the new site will be more user-friendly.  I was getting word that people were having difficulty commenting when they wanted to.  Hopefully that won't be the case at the new address, because I LOVE when people comment (hint, hint)!

     Unfortunately, those of you who have already subscribed here will have to subscribe again over at WordPress.  I sincerely hope that you do so, as it wouldn't be the same without you!  All you need do is click on this link: www.shiftingmyperspective.com and then put your email address in the field in the right margin of my new home page.  It's that simple.  Those of you who haven't subscribed yet, I would LOVE you to do so, following the same steps, so that each week's post simply falls right into your email inbox - no need to go searching for it. :)

     As always, I am immensely grateful to all of you for following my blog, and for voting for me by clicking on the cute pink and brown "Top Mommy Blogs" icon in the upper right hand margin of the "Shifting My Perspective" home page.  

     I hope you all have a wonderful Thanksgiving surrounded by, and mindful of, all the blessings that you have!

With gratitude and blessings,